Kirby Knackstedt - Club President

Kirby has been the President of River City Bowhunters for 13 years and a member since 1992.  He is very accomplished at 3-D archery, earning many victories to include winning the Central Illinois 3-D Challenge overall championship in 2003.  Kirby is a member of T.R.U Ball's hunting staff and is sponsored by Hoyt Archery, Trophy Taker Rests, Brunton Optics, and M&R Bowstrings to just name a few.  In addition to being very accomplished in 3-D archery, Kirby is really a great guy.  Some say he is just a big old teddy bear!

Joe Titchnel - Vice President
Joe is the last of the orignal River City Bowhunters, having been with the club for 20 years now.  This makes Joe the club's offical "old man".   Joe has seen just about everything in his time on the 3D course.  While he is a great shot, Joe no longer participates in the shoots, but instead elects to work his butt off setting up the course.  Joe is a great guy who always has a smile on his face and it is just about impossible to be in a bad mood when Joe is around.  During the shoot you will find Joe manning the grill, cooking up some of the best brats you will ever wrap your mouth around.  When ordering your food after the shoot, be sure to say hi
Jim Holiday - Treasurer
Jim has been with the club for over 14 years now and his work with the club is almost never ending.  Jim makes sure we don't spend too much money and takes care of purchasing everything we need to keep the club running.  Like Joe, Jim no longer participates in the shoots, but elects to take care of all the of "no fun" stuff that has be done.  Jim will be the guy behind the computer registering shooters and telling all the other members what needs to be done.  Another first class guy!

 Jim Roller

Jim has been a member of River City Bowhunters since 2006.  Jim loves 3D shooting (even if he is not very good at it) and deer hunting (his is not much better at that).


Jeff Wurtz

Jeff has been a member since 2009.  Jeff is a very accomplished bowhunter, taking some great bucks in Illinois in the past few years.  He is also very good at bowhunting turkeys in the fall and spring alike, taking two great gobblers during the 2008 season.  Jeff is a very laid back person with an awesome personality.  Besure to say hi if you see him on the course some time, I am sure you will enjoy the converstation.

Bruce Williams

Bruce "BJ" has been a member of the club since 2010.  BJ is an excellent shot on the 3D course, his name is always found in the top of the Open class.  BJ is also a very accomplished bow hunter, as well as a turkey's worse nightmare.  BJ is just another one of the great guys you will find on the River City course.


Greg Andersen

Greg is a vertran bowhunter and 3D shooter.  He has bowhunted all over the country and in Canada, where he took the 380lb black bear pictured above.  In addition to being a great hunter, Greg is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met.  Take a minute to talk to him the next time you are shooting the course and you will quickly see he is nothing but first class!

Mike Gansmann

Mike is the newest member of River City Bowhunters and most likely the hardest working member.  He has not been bow hunting for very long, but his first harvest with a bow was a Canadian Black Bear.  In August 2013, he took the 275lb "skunk" black bear pictured above.  Mike is very quiet by nature, but has a wicked sense of humor.  If you get a chance, ask him how his got the dent in his tailgate!!!!


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